May 19, 2024

Tullio Corradini

Trusted Legal Source



Very soon there will be widespread incomprehension and disbelief combined as the situation in Ukraine proves to have a very different face to it than western audiences have been told.

A general ‘war mode’ mentality has prevailed in the West for many years now, in fact for almost two entire decades and the object of the distortion that war mode always entails has been Russia and its president.

This war mode mentality was running at a relatively low level during this time by comparison with what we have seen across the western world since Russia began its operation in Ukraine on the 24th of February 2022. Since then it has been all-consuming.

Those who continued to take it for granted that their mainstream news services were giving them a factual account of events in Ukraine are those who will experience the maximum disbelief and incomprehension within the next few weeks.

War mode, for those who are unfamiliar with the term, requires of all elites within a country at war, and indeed from most members of the public also (though this is not as possible now as in the past) a dedication to communicating only positive news about the nation or its allies and only negativity or no comment at all concerning the actions of the enemy.

Thus the fiction has been manufactured and sold about plucky little Ukraine that never did anything to anyone and its wonderfully brave soldiers, courageously and charismatically led by a noble and selfless president. No mention of the true reality where a violent insurrection brought a succession of illegal president and governments to Ukraine and that its troops commit war crimes including torture and murder of prisoners of war.

Western populations have been sold yet another pack of lies and amazingly, most have fallen for them. After all the waterfalls of lies that went before these the gullibility of western populations remains undiminished. This leaves out an enormous part of the picture of events in Ukraine while delivering a patently false picture of present realities and of future likelihoods.

The situation in Ukraine is in fact not good at all for the forces that Kiev commands. Things are not going well and have not been going well since the start apart from a few minor and isolated incidents which have played little role at the time or in the final outcome.

Russia will have ejected, killed or captured all Ukrainian troops within the Donbass no later that a point three months from today. With developments underway where Ukrainian troops are beginning to surrender in ever greater numbers and the most defensible city, Bakhmut will be fully under Russian control within the next two weeks at the most, the end is clearly near.

The remaining cities to be taken by Russia in the Donbass are not nearly as defensible as was Bakhmut. Kramatorsk and Slavyansk will fall in much easier fashion in the following months.

There are rumours of great discontent regarding a number of factors within the Ukrainian high command which if true appear certain to grow. More elderly men and young boys are being marshalled into the Ukrainian military and sent to the front lines as cannon fodder with precious little training. Desperation appears to be growing as the interference of Zelensky and those around him with military affairs is rumoured to be disturbing their military commanders and indeed causing losses through inept and incompetent decisions.

Meanwhile, instead of telling western audiences about any of this and most importantly the likely fall of the entire Donbass region its mass media falls largely silent. This is at least better that the previous war mode policy which to be frank about it was little more than baseless propaganda and wishful thinking.

It appears, though this is only rumoured currently, that the advice on tactics being given by the USA and UK to the Ukrainian military command, has been extremely poor with flawed understanding of the Russian tactics of war.

Rather than plucky Ukraine going from victory to victory as portrayed in every mainstream rifle and TV network across the West it has gone from one loss to another in recent months and is now facing total defeat, partially as a result of Russian military professionalism and partly through the gross incompetence of its leadership and allies.

The resulting failure of the West’s latest coup and crime policy will have a humiliating effect for those responsible. But will that deter them? If the past is anything to go by it will not. Look at the long list of regime change failures they have already perpetrated. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria. The consequences of these disastrous bouts of violent death and destruction mark them out as abject failures even if they did decapitate the governments they targeted.

Consequent to all of the above the leaders of Eurasia and the Global South have had enough. It is clear who the primary belligerent is on this planet. It is easily identified as the collective west. And now at last there is enough power residing within those opposing it to do something about these criminals and to stop their fomenting of coups and committing of crimes. Progressively and collectively those nations now gathering their collective power within organisations such as BRICS will gradually isolate the malign and self-seeking powers of the West and ultimately quarantine them for good and all.