February 26, 2024

Tullio Corradini

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FREE WEBINAR on March 21: Conflict, Collaboration, and Competition in US-China Relations

FREE WEBINAR on March 21: Conflict, Collaboration, and Competition in US-China Relations

Sign up for Harris Bricken lawyer Jonathan Bench and Darkhorse Global Founder John Lash, on Tuesday March 21 @ 1130am PST / 230pm EST for a dialogue on globalization: a new national security problem, the place we’ll explore the future of conflict, collaboration, and competitors in US-China relations. Register Here

Globalization: A New Countrywide Safety Obstacle

Globalization in the 21st century is represented by strengthening economically and technologically pushed back links that develop an interconnectedness involving nations all over the entire world. These new connections develop a sophisticated community impacting safety, economics, and geopolitics. This interconnectedness has also codified financial security as national safety, making a policymaking environment where by trade policy concerns may well be handled as countrywide protection concerns.

The link concerning economics and national stability is rooted in the essential principle of competitiveness, which generates resilience, safety, and innovation throughout world markets. These world-wide relationships have produced dependencies in between nations for investigation and progress, along critical provide chains, and in mutually helpful trading preparations.

The consequence of this interdependence is that specific nations around the world, including the US and China, have moved toward the fourth industrial revolution – into a know-how and awareness financial state. This potential is characterised by a digitalization that has created a worldwide overall economy exactly where conventional boundaries and worldwide buy have evolved to an interdependent global program.

This session will target on the sensible aspects of evolving US-China relations, the affect of national stability financial investment critiques and similar regulatory environments, and the evolution of countrywide safety as it relates to industrial coverage and technological innovation. We will also explore exactly where and how specified important nations are grappling with this increasingly polarized global setting.

Vital Webinar Chatting Factors

  • The evolution of US-China relations
  • The effects of national safety investment critiques, especially inbound and the new looming outbound US investments scrutinized by CFIUS
  • The evolving principle of national protection and the impression on economics and technological innovation
  • The realignment of the entire world order about the US and China and the influence on economic associations

Be sure to post your questions in progress, while issues will also be taken in the course of the presentation!