December 2, 2023

Tullio Corradini

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Survey finds ‘classical fascist’ antisemitic views widespread in U.S.

Survey finds ‘classical fascist’ antisemitic views widespread in U.S.

At points in the past half-century, lots of U.S. antisemitism experts assumed this nation could be growing older out of it, that hostility and prejudice towards Jews have been fading in component because younger People held far more accepting sights than did older ones.

But a study released Thursday shows how greatly held this kind of beliefs are in the United States today, such as among the youthful Us citizens. The study by the Anti-Defamation League consists of rare detail about the unique character of antisemitism, how it facilities on tropes of Jews as clannish, conspiratorial and holders of electrical power.

The study reveals “antisemitism in its classical fascist variety is rising all over again in American culture, wherever Jews are too secretive and highly effective, working against interests of other folks, not sharing values, exploiting — the traditional conspiratorial tropes,” Matt Williams, vice president of the ADL’s 12 months-aged Heart for Antisemitism Study, informed The Washington Submit.

The review uses a new edition of surveys the ADL has been performing in The usa due to the fact the 1960s in get to […]