December 2, 2023

Tullio Corradini

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Why bother to vote? What’s the point?

Why bother to vote? What’s the point?

I’ve voted in every single election I can try to remember.  I’m what they call a 4 of 4.  That signifies I have a near-to great voting history.

I have a degree in Government/Political Science that taught me all the “policies.”  How the “program” is supposed to get the job done.  And on the white boards of academia, it all looked so… excellent.

We are meant to be the shining light-weight on the hill.  We are what so a lot of other people aspire to, publicly.  Hundreds of thousands are right here illegally since of our stupidity and generosity.  Numerous died striving to come listed here. Several international locations all around the entire world despise us… for the reason that they ain’t us.

But in the conclude, we look to have turn into no diverse than any other 3rd world place.  Our veneer is just a little bit more polished.

Guidelines implement to some, but not to all.  People today of privilege and wealth can disregard the principles, as can those on the remaining fringes (appear up Portland for a wonderful case in point). Fraudulent elections are the order of the day and no one in federal government cares when our courts turn a blind eye.

All of which begs the challenge: why bother to vote any longer?

As I sit here, it is really fairly crystal clear that the statement falsely attributed to Joe Stalin,

“I contemplate it totally unimportant who in the celebration will
vote, or how but what is terribly essential is this — who will
count the votes, and how.”

Has turn out to be accurate.

Listed here in Washington, the leftists stored recounting till they observed the secret votes they wanted to get Gregoire elected governor about Rossi.

Is it any ponder that Washington Point out has come to be, fundamentally, the Washington Soviet?

And now?  Now mainly because our votes you should not make a difference, the complete state is set to adhere to.

Simply because individuals who are sworn to uphold the Structure and our legislation piss on both equally with a frightening regularity. 

The proof is obvious. It is not just this most new vote.  It can be on the lookout all-around at the corrupt, the filthy, the murderers and the treasonous and noticing that NONE OF THEM has been held accountable.

Biden was, perhaps, the most corrupt, racist Vice President this country has ever noticed and none of that issues to anyone who places on blinders and supports him.

He is set to turn into the most corrupt, racist PRESIDENT we’ve ever recognised.  He’s surrounded himself with scum, a prostitute of a vice-president who has set up herself as a whore to get what she would like, and a team of thugs who would have offered their personal young children to get rid of Trump.

So that’s what it truly is appear to.  Criminal fraud. Lies. Deceit. Corruption at the best stages. And what is been done about it?

Absolutely nothing.

So, do we go on to play together?

I am not.  There’s no position in it.

In the forthcoming elections in Georgia, the GOP will drop the two senate seats and alongside with that, management of the Senate. The leftists will locate them selves in the very same position the GOP had in 2016: handle of all 3 branches of authorities.

Except this time, Biden is not going to have a Property and a Senate opposed to him like Trump did.

I applied to communicate of this.

“You can’t whip those who aid you for extensive and then assume them to
preserve supporting you when you will need them the most.  You cannot continue to keep utilizing
the similar threats of what will materialize if the GOP loses when far as well many
periods that end result has been GOP-impressed in the to start with spot.”


 “At initial, the RINO faction around right here, especially that led by Brent Boger, instructed us to “just wait around.”

“Just wait right up until we get the House back again.”  Well, we’ve waited 6 many years and nothing.

“Just hold out until we get the Senate again.”  Well, we have waited 2 years and very little.

“Just hold out until finally we get the White Property.”  Well, we have Got the damned
White Dwelling, and what are the identical RINO’s who’ve been sitting down on their
thumbs undertaking… the identical RINOs who RAN on acquiring rid of Obamacare?

Very little.”

Perfectly, time’s up.

I have waited.  And I am going to be waiting around right up until I’m dead.

Even when we DO elect them, what do they do?  Not only at the national level, but at the point out stage as very well?

Of the treasonous scum infesting us, who’s been indicted?  Who’s in prison?  The place are people who tied this nation up in knots by obtaining phony FISA warrants, by disregarding the perjury legal guidelines, by crippling an Administration while they tortured this nation for political obtain?

In our condition, thanks to REPUBLICAN legislation, we are having to pay BILLIONS far more in taxes.

Where by are they?  The place are those who are Supposed to be diverse?

They’re selling us out.  And what does it price them?  Nothing at all.  And in simple fact, they’re mostly reelected.

They are surely not in jail, are they?

And then, this most certainly corrupt and fraudulent presidential vote, a vote that will be replicated consistently because, effectively, why not?  Why should not they shatter the policies?  Why shouldn’t they dismiss the guidelines? 

It looks like the “considerably too considerably discuss, considerably far too tiny motion” Trump Administration will be going out like a lamb in this article in about 34 times or so.  And the Dark Ages for what used to be the United States of America will begin.

Which delivers me to my original inquiries: Why trouble to vote?  What is the issue?

Beats the hell out of me.

And you can find absolutely nothing we can do about it.