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Weird Colorado Laws Found on the Internet (Part III)

Weird Colorado Laws Found on the Internet (Part III)

Odd Colorado Laws Found on the Internet

(Portion VII: Odd Legislation in Colorado)

If you do a research on the World-wide-web for strange regulations in Colorado, there are a number of sites that rattle off any amount of wacky legislation. But never imagine every thing you examine on the internet. Numerous of the weirdest, most absurd, or most outrageous regulations you may possibly stumble upon are possibly misreadings or misinterpretations of a statute or ordinance or are just totally manufactured up.

Listed here is the truth of the matter at the rear of some additional of the most well-liked odd Colorado legislation observed on the World wide web:

Number 7: Are you genuinely not allowed to travel a black rental car or truck on Sundays in Colorado?

Is it illegal to drive a black rental vehicle on Sundays in Colorado?


No, there is no prohibition from renting or driving any coloured car or truck in Colorado on any day of the week. But, due to the fact 1957, automobile dealerships have been shut on Sundays.

Colorado Revised Statute portion 44-20-302 (2020) states:

No person, firm, or company, whether operator, proprietor, agent, or worker, shall preserve open up, function, or assist in retaining open up or running any put or premises or residences, whether or not open up or closed, for the reason of promoting, bartering, or exchanging or providing for sale, barter, or exchange any motor motor vehicle, no matter if new, utilized, or secondhand, on the very first day of the week commonly named Sunday.

Anyone who violates this law is responsible of a misdemeanor and subject to a wonderful of up to $1,000, up to six months in jail, and the opportunity revocation of their motor motor vehicle dealer’s license. C.R.S. § 44-20-303 (2020).

The mentioned objective for such Sunday car revenue bans is to give workers a day off. Due to the fact auto revenue workforce have a tendency to perform extended hrs, getting Sundays off is a way to make certain they get a break and have time to spend with their households.

Having said that, this Sunday ban exclusively does not utilize to enterprises that repair service automobiles, or that sell motor car or truck areas, or that obtain, sell, or trade boats, snowmobiles, or motor motor vehicle trailers… so, does the state legislature think individuals staff just never perform as hard? Or that they want significantly less time with their households?

Range 8: In Fountain and Pueblo, is it really illegal to permit dandelions or weeds to mature in your property?

Is it illegal to grow dandelions in your yard in Pueblo?


Equally Fountain and Pueblo have particular ordinances proscribing the size weeds are authorized to improve. But these two cities are not by itself. By legislation, each individual municipality in the condition of Colorado has some regulation for the maintenance and removing of “noxious weeds.” C.R.S. § 35-5.5-106(1).

In Fountain, Title 8, Area 8.04.030 of its municipal code can make it unlawful for the operator or the occupant of “any parcel of land in the town” to make it possible for weeds or “any ugly, ineffective, troublesome, herbaceous vegetation” to mature “over 9 inches.”

In Pueblo, Segment 7-4-2 of its municipal code tends to make it unlawful “to permit weeds” to grow “in surplus of ten (10) inches in height,” and calls for landowners to “slice, destroy or remove from this sort of land all weeds” if they get way too tall.

In addition to dandelions, Pueblo also considers a “weed” to be:

bindweed (Convolvulus), leafy spurge (Euphorbia esula), Canada thistle (Cirsium Arvense), Russian knapweed (Centaurea pieris), diffuse knapweed (Centaurea diffusa), Russian knapweed (Centaurea repens), noticed knapweed (Centaurea maculosa), perennial sowthistle (Sonchus arvense), puncture vine (Tribulus terrestris), silverleaf poverty weed (Franseria discolor), mouse-ear poverty weed (Iva axillaris), fanweed (Thlaspi arvense), mustard (Brassiea), purple-flowered floor-cherry (Quincula lobata), Russian thistle (Salsola pestifer), fireweed (Kochia scoparia), redroot pigweed (Amaranthus retroflexus), sandbur (Cenchrus tribuloides), furry stickweed (Lappula Occidentalis), buffaloburs (Solanum rostvatum), typical ragweed (Ambrosia elatiov), cocklebur (Xanthium commurie), popular sunflower (Helianthus centicularis), dandelion (Leontodore taraxacum) or other plant or offending vegetation which is regarded as a common nuisance.

All over the rest of the state, however, a “weed” is simply just “any unwanted plant.” C.R.S. § 35-5.5-103(21).

Number 9: Are Louisville residents genuinely authorized to have as lots of as 3 turkeys, but absolutely no chickens?

According to Louisville’s municipal code, Part 6.16.020(B), citizens are authorized to retain no a lot more than three “ducks, geese, or turkeys” inside of the town limitations. But, citizens are also permitted to preserve up to 6 “hens,” or female chickens, so extended as they’re effectively housed in a backyard coop and fenced inside of a proscribed hen run. Part 6.20.020.

The identical simply cannot be reported of male chickens, even though, as “roosters” are specifically prohibited. Portion 6.20.020(3).

Have you listened to about any other odd legal guidelines in Colorado, or in other states? Retain an eye on our Colorado Law Website for additional odd law explanations and myth-busting!