December 5, 2023

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The judge who was barred from the tennis club | Letters

The judge who was barred from the tennis club | Letters

Robin Richardson’s letter (22 July) places me in head of my late husband’s brother-in-regulation, Adrian Date, who was a senior member of the judiciary in the previous British colony of Guiana (now Guyana). Throughout his retirement in Grenada, he told me that his abiding memory was of getting capable to sentence criminals to demise – even though staying barred from joining the tennis club simply because he was black. He was no mean participant, and he was finally admitted to the club.
Hilary Blumer

As part of her pitch to be prime minister, Liz Truss is professing that she is a amazing negotiator. So how appear after two many years we nonetheless have this scenario (Disabled United kingdom motorists instructed blue badges may not be acknowledged in EU thanks to Brexit, 25 July)?
Martin Cooper
Bromley, London

Re the important incident declared in Dover, can anyone recreate the Tories’ “Labour isn’t working” poster, this time with a queue of cars and trucks and “Brexit isn’t working” (Channel journey chaos proceeds with ‘holiday hell’ at Eurotunnel, 24 July)?
Jean Garner
Minsterley, Shropshire

I can ensure the key vital incident in Dover: no availability of the Guardian in the city on Friday and Saturday.
David Tempo
Dover, Kent

Folks really should halt holidaying on the continent. When they don’t get any vacationers, perhaps there will be a rethink.
Joyce Blackledge
Formby, Merseyside

The Conservative management debate on BBC 1 was not incorporated in Monday’s Television listings in the print edition of the Guardian. Was this a scenario of Do it yourself SOS remaining changed by British isles SOS?
Toby Wooden
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

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