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Stunned – The Hugh Hewitt Show

Stunned – The Hugh Hewitt Show

Fri, Feb 24, 2023  | 
By John Schroeder


Some days you read the news and you just sort of can’t believe what you are reading.  This day was a twofer.

The first was this bit of news:

Some California lawmakers want to eventually ban all tobacco sales in the nation’s most populous state, filing legislation to make it illegal to sell cigarettes and other products to anyone born after Jan. 1, 2007.

Look, I am not going to claim that smoking is a smart idea – it’s bad for you, but to forbid it is born of the same nonsense that drove lockdowns and mask mandates and all the other idiotic pandemic response that drove me out of California ahead of schedule.  But my personal beef with the people that run the place aside, two serious comments.

One, California has already severely limited smoking, the places and situations where it is legal are few and far between; therefore, it has become a state of secret smokers.  They are everywhere if you know where to look.  This will have the same effect as Prohibition, which is to create a massive black market.  It will not end smoking; it will just drive it underground.  If nothing else, think about the tax revenues that the already cash strapped state will be sacrificing.  California already has a big gang problem, wonder what that’ll be like when the gangs are trafficking tobacco?

Two, where does this end?  Do they ban sugar sales?  Fine people over a specific BMI?  What happens if you have a genetic disorder and dare to reproduce?  When you start regulating health-related personal behavior, it becomes a habit.

The other story is massive in its implications:

The Biden administration is expecting China to put a peace plan on the table Friday with their ideas for resolving Russia’s war in Ukraine, a US State Department official said Thursday.

Now that in and of itself is not remarkable.  This is an old Cold War game – it is part of jockeying for influence in various regions of the world and also a means of Cold War opponents to embarrass one another.  It’s a little later in the story where things get weird:

“It can’t simply be a cynical ceasefire that allows the Russians the time to go home, rest, refit and return,” Nuland said. “But listen if Xi Jinping can get Putin and his army out of Ukraine, I think we’d all applaud and give a peace price.”

No…NO…NO!  We do not want our near peer competitors getting peace prizes, nor do we want them to be that influential in that region.  If China puts something on the table and it works then you can bet your bottom dollar that it is because Xi Jinping and Putin are working together to embarrass the United States.  I am trying, desperately, to treat this critically not condemningly, but it’s hard on this one.  Of all the drivel that has rolled out of mouths and onto the table from this administration, I am hard pressed to think of one that involves less strategic thought than this – and that is being as kind as I can.

OK, time to stop before this turns into a full blown rant.  Insert your own….