May 19, 2024

Tullio Corradini

Trusted Legal Source

Signs Of Donald Trump’s Imminent Demise Are Occurring On Almost A Daily Basis. While The Trump Era Begins To Crumble, America Is Beginning To Heal As Justice Is

Signs Of Donald Trump’s Imminent Demise Are Occurring On Almost A Daily Basis. While The Trump Era Begins To Crumble, America Is Beginning To Heal As Justice Is

One of Trump’s favorite words in his limited vocabulary is “loser”. He calls people losers to cover up his fear of being seen as a loser. However, his misuse and overuse of that word reveals he feels like a loser and fears being found out. Currently he is losing in the courts, causing Republicans to lose elections, losing donors and losing in the polls to Ron DeSantis. He cannot dodge this fact: he is losing his relevance, power and support.

His pathology is proven by his inability to go away and stop begging for attention and power. Since 2016, thousands of mental health professionals have written about how severely disordered his behavior and thinking is. His enablers are using his celebrity for opportunistic reasons. Republican voters are captured by his histrionic, racist, obstructive, oddball persona. If Trump supporters want to see Trump dissolve democracy they should prepare for the possibility of a wacky, vengeful democratic president to take away their guns, make them exempt from Biden’s pharmaceutical price reductions, ban them from traveling on bridges secured by Biden’s infrastructure bill and restrict any discussions that mention Christianity in school curriculum. Sound crazy? The MAGA GOP is creating a precedent for laws that will decimate the lives of Trumpers. Preserving our democracy is equally important to republicans, democrats and independents. At this point in time, loyalty to Trump is embarrassing.

The House Ways And Means Committee is now in possession of Trump’s taxes. Someone needs to inform Trump that he isn’t boss of the IRS, or Congress or the Supreme Court. He has managed to rally a base of uninformed, white nationalist, gullible, uneducated Christian religious fanatics to support his autocratic assault on America, however, his scam is more obvious than ever.

His gullible base only believes the phony witch hunt accusations by Trump and his allies. The only reason Trump has been barraged with investigations is that he has committed federal crimes that violate the Constitution and the general rule of law. Most recently, Trump has announced his belief that parts of the Constitution and the rule of law should be suspended. His inability to psychologically navigate his 2020 re-election loss continues to fuel his call to eliminate election laws blocking his ability to overturn the presidential election results and illegally install him as president.

This is the convicted seditionist Stewart Rhodes, who Trump would pardon if given the power. Trump’s administration can be blamed on those who support him despite his attacks on democracy and decency. History will remember Trump supporters as gullible, anti-democracy, racist, religious fanatics who stayed loyal to Trump and his inner circle of seditionists, misogynists, accused sexual and physical abusers, corrupt attorneys, election deniers, and weak oath-violating political allies.

The conviction of Stewart Rhodes of seditious conspiracy was a victory for patriots, democracy and morality. Only the MAGA members of the Trump base see Rhodes and his fellow Oathkeepers as patriots. Only white nationalists, evangelicals and embarrassingly uninformed, brainwashed Americans support hate groups. More trials for seditious conspiracy are coming against Trump’s pals the Proud Boys. He told them to “stand back and stand by” during the 2020 presidential election and they obeyed when they attacked the Capitol in an attempt to illegally keep him in power. Trump has publically announced his support for the actions taken by the insurrectionists on Jan. 6th and is calling for donations to be made for their family members. He has also said if re-elected he would pardon those charged for the crimes committed during the Capitol attack. That action would be a blatantly traitorous action and continued support of Trumo is anti-American.

Trump’s historical refusal to turn over his taxes has been an obvious sign to the average American, lawmakers and politicians from both side of the aisle that he is hiding tax fraud. His playbook of lies and delay tactics ended this week as the Ways and Means Committee now has them. Hopefully, the democrats will make them public and not succumb to the fear of how republicans will react. Any action democrats have taken to pursue the truth about Trump’s shady behaviors have been called political witch hunts. Democrats must act on the content if Trumo’s taxes without deference to political criticisms.

The special master appointment by incompetent Trump-chosen federal judge Aileen Cannon has been dismissed. The 11th Circuit Appellate Court eviscerated Judge Cannon’s actions that used incorrect legal reasoning to meet Trump’s request for a special master. Any hope Judge Cannon may have had that her violation of legal reasoning to support Trump would get her on the Supreme Court some day are dead. She is the newest casualty of professionals whose careers and reputations have been destroyed because of their blind, opportunistic loyalty to Trump.

Trump’s pattern of obstructing justice by falsely claiming executive privilege to block the testimony of his political allies and attorneys has ended. The legal delay tactics Trump had used for year’s to avoid accountability for his crimes have resulted in legal loss after loss. This week CNN reported Trump’s former White House attorney “Pat Cipoloni and deputy counsel Patrick Philibin were compelled to answer questions to a grand jury about direct conversations with the former president and advice given to him after the election”.


The investigations against Trump are speeding ahead and the probability of an indictment is considered imminent by legal and Constitutional experts. Because of the overwhelming amount of evidence that the Jan. 6th Committee has uncovered, if Attorney General Merrick Garland does not issue an indictment, history will blame him, more than Trump, for the dismantling of our democracy.