December 2, 2023

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Patently-O Bits and Bytes by Juvan Bonni

Patently-O Bits and Bytes by Juvan Bonni

“but I wonder why you attempt to limit this observation to women”

Because a. her whole ostracization is based on her IDing as a woman (with all the socio-cultural goodies and negatives that generally brings with it, including the supposed inherited internal supar fearz of being left by the tribe in the wilderness due to social non-conforming from her 1000th grandmother via internal hormone profile/physiology etc.) and b. because it’s the topic, and literally JK’s whole point in IDing as a woman and wanting to keep her ID “pure” (trans-exclusionary, that is she dislikes born pen is-havers getting to take her grand titular).

“I expect that Anthony Fauci or Bret Kavanaugh have been no more pleased to find themselves at the bottom of their particular dog piles.”

Obviously, but look at Kman now, just loving beer and taking rights away like it’s not a thing. As to Fauci, dude deserves it and more, shouldn’t have fooled merica on purpose.

“I am hard pressed to know what one can do about it.”

Oh it’s not that hard, many forums enforce anti-dog piling.
Twitter just allows it when it wants to as a means of social influence. Elon would likely keep it to a min if he bought it.

“Social ostracism (within limits) is a good thing.”

Arguable, but that’s only within limits, and within non-leftist control. You can’t have the church ladies in charge of it, and you can’t have the new school church ladies (now inclusive of men) of leftism in charge of it, else disaster in either case. And, arguably, 7% of the population cannot be using it to brow beat 93% of the population too hard, lest they eventually get roflstomped for their trouble.

“My preferred solution would be simply to tax social media companies (all of them) into non-existence. ”


“The Amish are rather famous for using shunning as a means of enforcing social norms.”

Greg, bro, the Amish actually use shunning etc. in order to enforce a trad way of life that actually is stable for them (low conflict among members), they’re not using it to “push”/remold society via social engineering (using ostracization, education etc) into a more unstable state (higher conflict among members) in order to accommodate victims of said society. Which is kind of the whole point of modern leftism ala “progress”. Not sure how you’re missing that. You’ll notice there is no explosion of trans Amish youth, if there are any trans outwardly IDable trans Amish youth at all. You’ll notice there are basically no leftist Amish trying to secure trans rights in Amish area local laws. You’ll notice there is remarkably low gay outward behaviors among Amish (though who knows rates of gay attractions among Amish probably same 5%ish). There are practically no black/indian/asian etc. Amish (tho a few), and certainly no Muslim etc. Amish. The list goes on. All of those actions/minorities are suppressed among the Amish in return for societal stability (lack of conflict among the groups, at the cost of the minorities not getting to do their preferred societal actions/belong, or in lefty speak, they’re big ots).

Anyway, at least your post shows you’re not totally beyond all thinking. Good convo but this kinda thing is exhausting and I have work to do.


    “Note that this new terminology is inevitably:
    (1) Not in common use; and (2) Not mandatory in any sense.”

    Yet. We’ll get there comrade. Already taken out and replaced in a great chunk of laws just a couple years back.

    “But the mere existence of it is apparently simply too much to bear.”

    Not at all comrade, they just know what the plan is. Leftism, and the “muh morals” impulses behind it, wasn’t born yesterday.

    “but who have been criticized on social media for their views on transgender issues. That’s it. ”

    Right and what does that (social ostracization) mean to women comrade?

    “Various people in legal academia have demanded that I be fired over the years, and indeed at one point the dean of my law school actually did attempt to fire me”


    “the kind of work that makes some people mad.”

    Or the kind of work that subverts society eh comrade?


      I agree 6 we are dealing with neo-Marxists.


      Right and what does that (social ostracization) mean to women comrade?

      Almost cliche by now, but define “woman.”

      The problem that you continue not see 6, is that the Liberal Left’s Intersectionality and furtive “No, I am more the victim” are NOT sustainable (besides not actually producing any workable plans to achieve their ‘utopia’).

    3. 4.4.2

      The woke group have an agenda to enforce and shut-down any dissent from their views

      One does not need to stray off of this very blog PAGE to see this:

      Maybe Kevin should be made aware of the fact that his law firm sponsors a blog that has been giving a platform to mouth breathing MAGA/glibertarian white nationalist scumbags for at least a decade.

      From below at: link to




        Seriously it’s as if they cannot read their own comrade’s routine work.


          For the record, I oppose MM’s vision of deplatforming. MM is a dyspeptic crank, not a spokesman for the anti-Trump majority.


            I just. Jes us Chr ist Greg.

            link to


              link to


              For the record…

              Greg is as “Left Blind” as is Malcolm.

              You want a point of comparison? Dr. James Lindsay is liberal (in the traditional, Non-Sprint-Left sense). He vigorously opposed Trump and includes Trump as a sign of political problems in the “Age of Narratives.” See: link to

              And yet, he astutely identified the even bigger problem of the Woke and the Sprint-Left Liberal Left, even (going beyond what I did) voting FOR Trump as opposed to Puppet Biden.

              The grant that everyone and anyone can have their opinion. But it is clear that an informed opinion is better than the blindered and blinkered (whether or not polite) opinions of the Liberal Left, who have a terminal case of not being able to countenance counter points to their views.


                Damm autocorrect…

                “The grant” ==> “I grant”

              2. 3

                >Ohio State University Wins Trademark For The Word ‘THE’ (Source: CNN)

                Sometime in 2023: THE Ohio State University files suit against THE George Washington University. tGWU professors, already embarrassed by their association with the 1st President, seize on this lawsuit as an excuse to change their name “Foucault University.”

                1. 3.1

                  Interestingly, the mark is NOT a stylized mark.

                2. 3.2

                  Yes just shameful to be associated with the man who created the democracy that ended slavery throughout the world with England and created more freedoms for more people than any other person in the history of the world.

                  1. 3.2.1

                    The veritable wolf in sheep’s clothing.

                  2. 3.2.2

                    I’m not sure the academy agrees nowadays. Or, for that matter, DC elite opinion. See link to



                    2. 2

                      And that this hits the filters is too ironic…

                      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

                      July 23, 2022 at 6:16 pm

                      Full stop on the B$ virtue signaling by “Prof.” Frye:

                      Rac ISM is a constant of American law. From the beginning, our legal system has incorporated and enforced rac IST values for rac IST ends.”

                      A giant – and with all due respect — F U to him.

                      1. 2.1

                        It is just crazy stuff. We definitely have massive problems like the rest of humanity but to somehow act as if we are special in this problem is absurd.

                        What I think is that this is just neo-Marxist trying to tear our system down and they will use any guilt trip they can.

                        Consider that there are professors who criticize the Magna Carte. Think about that. Today, there are many countries that could use a Magna Carte, which basically just said that the king’s actions were not from G*d that there sets of rules that the king had to obey like other people. Now it was only a few other people that had rights but that has been slowly expanded.

                        North Korea doesn’t have a Magna Carte so their supreme leader cannot do wrong and his actions are considered correct no matter what they are.

                        1. 2.1.1


                        2. 1

                          That seems like a record number of patent law job postings for entering a recession?

                          1. 1.1

                            It is true that the data on recession are very ambivalent of late.

                            1. 1.1.1

                              link to


                                Referencing Krugman is on par for Greg

                                (For those who do not follow, Krugman is one of the worst – but he does fit Greg’s ‘religion’)


                                  It’s this type of negative and ad hominem attack that has me wondering why you’re allowed to post.


                                    Wow – grow some there BobM.

                                    Point in fact here, this is NOT ad hominem. Sure, it is negative, but that negativity is well deserved. Greg shared that he posts in his ‘religious’ views without need for facts, and his views on economics simply tend to the religious nature of being Far Left. Add in that Krugman IS one of the worst economists out there, and my post adds valuable context to the conversation.

                                    This is nothing more than you reading a comment that you don’t like. Your desire for some type of “echo-chamber effect” would be a DISservice to all.


                                    Bob, it’s crystal clear that MBHB (at least) are “fash curious” and enjoy the sputtering psychos who regurgitate Faux News nonsense. Why is that the case? Theories abound. But I’m sure MBHB knows what they are doing by play forming these fash scum for years.


                                      MBHB… are “fash curious” and enjoy the sputtering psychos who regurgitate Faux News nonsense.

                                      Counterpoint: anyone who is interested can see what Kevin Noonan (of MBHB) thinks of FOX news and its sequelæ.

                                      link to

                                      1. Maybe Kevin should be made aware of the fact that his law firm sponsors a blog that has been giving a platform to mouth breathing MAGA/glibertarian white nationalist scumbags for at least a decade.

                                      2. “Maybe Kevin should be made aware of the fact that his law firm sponsors a blog that has been giving a platform to mouth breathing MAGA/glibertarian white nationalist scumbags for at least a decade.”

                                        You do know everyone is allowed to post on Kev’s blog as well right? tho I haven’t been over there for awhile.

                                      3. LOL – Malcolm and his one-bucket HARD Sprint Left view of “that has been giving a platform to mouth breathing MAGA/glibertarian white nationalist scumbags for at least a decade.

                                        Oh dear / they “have a platform,” how DARE that happen here (never mind that “they” is practically ANYONE that does not fit Malcolm’s ideals).

                                        The ONLY way Malcolm’s ideals survive is if NO ONE is allowed to say anything about them.


                                        Do you have a conservator?

                                      5. 1.1.2

                                        >> recession are very ambivalent of late.

                                        Greg, this is not true. We are in a recession. The Ds are trying to change the word “recession” to not mean two quarters of negative growth.



                                          Three quick responses:

                                          (1) I have seen economists trying to say—as you suggest—that if we have a second quarter of negative growth, that this should still not count as a “recession” (I heard one on Marketplace, for example). I am as unimpressed as you are with this sort of special pleading.

                                          (2) I do not see how you reach the conclusion that “this is not true. We are in a recession.” I said that the data are ambivalent. The data are ambivalent. It is possible for the data to be ambivalent even as a recession is happening. The one does not contradict the other.

                                          (3) I see that we both agree that “recession” = “two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth.” With that in mind, you cannot possibly know that we are in a recession. One can only know recessions after the fact, when the growth numbers have been tabulated. All that your 1.1.2 really signifies is that you feel that we are presently in a recession. It is fine to share your feelings, but that is all that this is.


                                          link to

                                        3. 1.2

                                          Exodus of Baby Boomers exceeding staffing needs/requirements.

                                          MHO, YMMV, etc. Be well.

                                          1. 1.2.1

                                            Yes I think that is right. Being a patent attorney has become less and less desirable and the average has risen to the mid 50’s.

                                            The reality is that a good technical person can make more with SV than they can being a patent attorney. So why go to law school for three years?


                                              The reality is that a good technical person can make more with SV than they can being a patent attorney.

                                              And thank heaven for that. A world in which it is more remunerative to be a patent attorney than an inventor is one on a glide-path to technological stagnation.


                                                Test: link to


                                                Well that was a bizarre filter catch…

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                                                July 25, 2022 at 12:45 pm

                                                I don’t see why BOTH could not be fantastic income generators.

                                                And while patent attorneys do need to have some technical chops, the skill sets still are different from one profession to the other.

                                                (Link posted above in the “test” post)

                                              3. 1.2.2

                                                Maybe they should have been hiring a replacement a couple years in advance and have their trained people already hitting the ground, this wasn’t hard to see coming.

                                              4. 1.3

                                                Exodus of Baby Boomers exceeding staffing needs/requirements.