June 23, 2024

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NBC Accidentally Reports What Really Happened Behind-the-Scenes With “Griner Release” and Then Quickly Deletes It…

NBC Accidentally Reports What Really Happened Behind-the-Scenes With “Griner Release” and Then Quickly Deletes It…

NBC has developed an interesting habit of accidentally telling the truth and then deleting it once the “regime” gets wind of it, and likely freaks out. Who can forget what NBC did with the Paul Pelosi “hammer scandal,” right? Well, if you don’t, let me remind you. The New York Post reported that NBC News pulled a report Friday that claimed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband didn’t let on that he was in any danger when cops showed up at his home just prior to the hammer attack on him.

The now-deleted clip said Paul Pelosi, 82, answered the door for cops who responded to a 911 call at the San Francisco home, but the officers were “seemingly unaware they had been called to the home of the speaker of the House.”

Pelosi didn’t “declare an emergency” or try to leave, but instead walked several feet back into the foyer toward armed attacker David DePape, who had broken into the home last Friday and was carrying a hammer, sources told NBC.

The report, which cited sources familiar with the matter, said it wasn’t clear what Pelosi’s mental state was or if he had already been hurt.

The NBC report from Friday was taken down with the explanation, “The piece should not have aired because it did not meet NBC News reporting standards.”

The report contradicted court documents filed in DePape’s case that said Pelosi “nervously but calmly greeted” officers in a dimly lit foyer where both men stood.

That report changed the entire scope of the Pelosi “hammer scandal,” which people were already suspicious of, to begin with.

After that, more people had questions, and everyone wanted to see the bodycam footage… well, trust me, that’s when the Pelosi story was memory-holed and disappeared from the face of the earth.

And now, NBC is at it again. This time they accidentally reported the truth about the Griner release, stating that Biden was given a choice by Russia. He could pick between Brittney and the US Marine, who’s been wrongfully imprisoned since 2018… and Biden picked Brittney. The woman who actually committed a crime.

This contradicts what the White House has said about the release and backs up rumors that the Biden admin was lying all along.

Here’s what David Hookstead, from Outkick, said in a tweet: NBC had a bombshell report that Russia offered America Brittney Griner OR Paul Whelan, citing a senior government official. It would be Biden’s choice which one to save. The report was later edited without explanation to mirror Biden’s explanation that only Griner was offered.

Here’s a closeup of the two screenshots, and in the second one, you can see the edit.



And they still wonder why we don’t trust the media or the government… amazing.

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