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More Than a Word Processing Feature

More Than a Word Processing Feature

A thesaurus is a compilation of synonyms, phrases of the exact this means. A thesaurus also lists antonyms, text of reverse that means. When you want to vary your vocabulary to keep the reader’s fascination, the thesaurus is where to flip.


When you have written a word in a preliminary draft that is practically, but not rather, what you are hoping to say, the thesaurus offers terms masking a range of meanings.

“Sure,” you may perhaps say, “I know how to use a thesaurus. When I need a synonym, I emphasize the search term in MS Word, ideal-click on, pick ‘synonyms,’ and increase, there is my phrase choice record.” That exercising will get you a number of choices, but did you comprehend that with a little bit a lot more endurance you can often extend the listing by then clicking “Thesaurus” in the pop-up box?

But Which is Only Section of the Tale

Probably you have a labor law scenario and want to stay away from a wearisome use of “employee.” Appropriate-clicking in MS Word yields 4 synonyms for “employee.” There are extra choices on line:

Or probably you choose applying a ebook. A fashionable “dictionary style” thesaurus lists look for text alphabetically. Apart from synonyms, some editions offer definitions and show how to use the word in a sentence. The version I checked presented 12 synonyms for “employee.”

No matter whether you are working on line or with a e book, you can grow the term possibilities by searching one particular of the strategies to see additional alternatives. Thesaurus.com lists synonyms alphabetically in coloration-coded hierarchies (purple, dim orange, mild orange) based on how close in indicating the subset is to the searched phrase. The “employee” lookup reveals 9 synonyms in the initial, crimson subset. But you could possibly opt for to click on “wage-earner” from the 3rd, light-weight orange subset. This potential customers to one more set of synonyms, only some of which overlap the authentic query consequence.

Some books route you on your way by listing an crucial synonym in italics or bold. Between various editions, a research for “employee” pointed to “worker” for further exploration. Studying the emphasized synonym continually creates the major amount of decisions.

A Classical Thesaurus Is Nearly Impossible to Discover

The unique thesaurus grouped words and phrases logically (at the very least in idea) instead than alphabetically. Your best probability to come across a classical thesaurus could be at an outlet or used ebook retail outlet. Be watchful buying on-line — many “original” versions are not they are alphabetical. With a classical thesaurus, one particular to start with turns to the index, which delivers options directing the researcher to numbered sections. Synonyms for “employee” can be uncovered in section 716, with a lot more than 200 phrases comprising standard references, including “performer,” “practitioner,” “worker,” “laborer,” “wage earner,” “breadwinner,” “servant,” and particular task titles, together with scores of names for craftsmen, engineers, smiths, wrights and makers.

Due to the fact a classical thesaurus teams phrases with equivalent principles, in some cases you can search in nearby sections for a practical word or phrase. Section 717 provides synonyms for “workplace.” This is particularly helpful when you need to have a equivalent notion rather than a term that exactly matches a indicating. Or if you’re a logophile (word lover) like me, you can browse for the pure pleasure.

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