December 2, 2023

Tullio Corradini

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Make Money Mondays: Can Law Firms Use Nano Influencers for Marketing?

Make Money Mondays: Can Law Firms Use Nano Influencers for Marketing?

marketing through nanoinfluencers

Three years ago when I first posted about lawyers using microinfluencers, TikTok was barely a blip on the marketing radar.  Fast forward to today, and social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram reels are empowering nano influencers, defined by Influencer Marketing as influencers with active social profiles, but fewer than 10,000 followers.  Brands are increasingly showing an interest in nano-influencers because they typically have more engaged audiences than mainstream influencers, and are more affordable to work with besides.

Even since my post, lawyers haven’t really taken advantage of nano-influencers.  And despite the pervasive ethics prohibition on payment in exchange for referrals, there are still plenty of ways that lawyers can work with nano-influencers to promote their services.

How Can Lawyers Work With Nano Influencers?

Here’s a couple of ways that lawyers can work with nano-influencers beyond being a guest poster on a blog or podcast:

  • Reach out to influencers on TikTok or Instagram and ask how much they would charge to share a link to one of your posts or videos to increase traffic to your profile and boost growth;
  • If you sell a legal product like DIY contracts or divorce, share your product with a nano-influencer and ask if they’ll review it;
  • Are there local nano-influencers who are popular with your target clients? If yes, pay the nano-influencer to speak at an event that you host – you’ll get the benefit of their wisdom and maybe a few shout-outs on social

Most nano-influencers don’t earn big bucks for the content they produce.  Paying a few hundred dollars here or there to nano-influencers not only helps lawyers, but it helps people in their target constituency.   Though it’s unlikely that paying a nano-influencer for a mention will make you go viral, the returns from supporting the community that your law firm serves are priceless.

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