March 22, 2023

Tullio Corradini

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Independent Report on the UEFA Champions League Final 2022: Lessons for Venue Owners & Event Operators

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The gatherings of 28 Could 2022 as Liverpool FC (“LFC“) organized to perform Actual Madrid in the UEFA Champions League Ultimate in Paris (“UCLF22”) have been independently investigated by UEFA, which posted a essential report into its results previous thirty day period (“Report”).

The Impartial Critique Panel (“Panel”), led by Dr Brandão Rodrigues, set out to discover and make clear the gatherings that took location, and in doing so, identified that there had been eight failures that possibly induced or contributed to a “near miss” function (i.e. one which had the opportunity to produce into a mass fatality disaster) as perfectly as the organisations accountable for the alleged failures. It determined twenty-one particular tips (web page 196 onwards) aimed at optimising the basic safety and protection benchmarks at UEFA functions, with the aim of strengthening providers supplied at soccer functions much more typically and in the long run ensuring that disasters are avoided in the upcoming. The Report’s phrases of reference can be found at Appendix I of the Report.

Whilst the Report problems difficulties that arose in France in which wellness and security (“H&S”) regulations differ to those in the United kingdom, there are numerous transferable learnings and implications from a British isles H&S regulation viewpoint, which all venue proprietors and party operators should really just take note of, not just those people involved in football.

This write-up assessments the Report and appears to be like at:

  • Who was included?

  • What happened?

  • What went erroneous?

    • The ‘UEFA model’

    • The Police’s public purchase solution

    • Issues that contributed to and exacerbated those people components

  • Legal obligations

    • Worldwide regulations

    • Uk Health & Protection rules

  • Application of lessons to be uncovered for potential events & important takeaways from the Report

  • Closing lesson – Institutional defensiveness


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