May 19, 2024

Tullio Corradini

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In the News – iPhone J.D.

In the News – iPhone J.D.

In-the-NewsAt some point this month, we expect to see Apple announce new hardware and software, such as perhaps a new iPad Pro.  Apple did announce something new this week, but it wasn’t what we are waiting for.  Instead, Apple announced a new service for folks who use the Apple Card.  You will soon be able to have your Daily Cash rewards go directly into a Goldman Sachs savings account with no fees, no minimum deposits, and no minimum balance requirements.  It will all be handled in the wallet app.  I only use my Apple Card for certain purchases, such as purchases from places like Apple and Walgreens where I can get 3% cash back, but even so, I see that I currently have just over $500 from Daily Cash.  That amount would not earn me much interest in savings, but some interest is better than no interest.  Apple has not yet announced when the program will be available, but you can get the details in this press release.  And now, the rest of the news of note from the past week:

  • Last week, I ended the In the News post with a link to a video from Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal, showing how the new crash detection feature works on an iPhone 14 or the newest models of the Apple Watch.  This week, Stern reported that this feature has been triggering frequent false reports of car crashes when people are on certain roller coasters.  When you are on a roller coaster,  you may not even notice that your iPhone is giving you a 10-second countdown before calling 911, and so Stern describes several 911 calls from an iPhone in which you can hear the sound of a roller coaster in the background.  It seems that Apple could figure out what coasters are causing this and tell the iPhone not to call 911 at specific GPS locations, or perhaps Apple has another solution.
  • Brian Heater of TechCrunch interviewed Apple executives to discuss the new crash detection feature, but his interview happened before the issue with roller coasters was reported.
  • An AP news report shows that the new iPhone can detect crashes, although this one had a tragic end.  A Honda Accord ran into a tree with six people on board, and an iPhone detected the crash and called for help.  Unfortunately, five passengers died on the scene and the sixth one died at the hospital.  That is not the result that anyone wanted, but had it turned out differently, the iPhone could have played a critical role in getting emergency help there in time.
  • Juli Clover of MacRumors reported this week that Apple released iOS 16.0.3.  It fixes some bugs, including one that caused low volume levels when an iPhone 14 Pro made a hands-free call in a vehicle using CarPlay.
  • Brenda Ramirez of Gadget Hacks explains how to use the camera on an iPhone to do real-time language translations and unit conversions.
  • There has been lots of back and forth this week about whether Lufthnsa Airlines allows customers to put AirTags in their checked luggage.  At first, they said no, but then saner heads prevailed.  Ben Lovejoy of 9to5Mac does a good job of describing the saga this week.  It is interesting that this issue came about because I think that one of the best possible uses of an AirTag is to put it on airline luggage that you check.
  • Attorney John Voorhees of MacStories announces that you can now use two favorite Apple services on Microsoft systems.  First, Windows 11 is adding iCloud Photos Library support.  Second, you can access Apple Music on an Xbox.
  • Samuel Axon of Ars Technica has more details on the Apple-Microsoft integration, noting that you will soon be able to use Apple’s Music and TV apps on Windows.
  • Ben Lovejoy of 9to5Mac reports on a new survey concluding that almost a third of U.S. teens now own an Apple Watch and another 16% plan to buy one.  Only Apple knows the real numbers, and I certainly won’t vouch for these survey results.  But from what my two teenagers tell me (one of whom wears an Apple Watch, one of whom doesn’t) they are quite popular.
  • Bradley Chambers of 9to5Mac discusses the best available smart doorbells that work with HomeKit.
  • Jovana Naumovski of Gadget Hacks discusses some of the best new features in the Notes app in iOS 16.
  • Apple TV+ released a trailer for a documentary coming out on October 28 that tells the story of New Orleans legend Louis Armstrong.  The film is called Louis Amstrong’s Black & Blues, and it looks great.  Red beans and ricely yours…
  • And finally, Apple shared a video called Chase in which an (unidentified) filmmaker uses the iPhone 14 Pro to shoot a series of action sequences that you might see in a movie.  It’s a fun video, and it shows off why the iPhone does such an incredible job taking video: