April 23, 2024

Tullio Corradini

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Elon Unbans Journalists’ Accounts Who Hurt His Tender Fee-Fees

Elon Unbans Journalists’ Accounts Who Hurt His Tender Fee-Fees

Head Twitter twat Elon Musk did a reverse course after banning prominent journalists from his safe place. No, sirree, you will not be mean to Elon on Twitter. I hope you all have learned your lessons! Leave. Elon. Alone. Also, he needs to learn what doxxed means.

Reuters reports:

Elon Musk reinstated the Twitter accounts of several journalists that were suspended for a day over a controversy on publishing public data about the billionaire’s plane.

The reinstatements came after the unprecedented suspensions evoked stinging criticism from government officials, advocacy groups and journalism organizations from several parts of the globe on Friday, with some saying the microblogging platform was jeopardizing press freedom.

That’s not what a dox is, you chud.

He’s playing with people’s lives. Journalists need social media. It’s part of their job.

Shares in Tesla (TSLA.O), an electric car maker led by Musk, slumped 4.7% on Friday and posted their worst weekly loss since March 2020, with investors increasingly concerned about his being distracted and about the slowing global economy.

Another narcissist is learning what the word consequences means. Can anyone explain to me why conservatives always stan billionaires? Elon didn’t invent the Tesla. Trump isn’t a self-made billionaire, either. I guess they think these guys have big dick energy, and that’s funny because most of us see the opposite.