December 5, 2023

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Code of Civil Procedure 872.730 CCP – Application to Partnerships (Partition Actions)

Code of Civil Procedure 872.730 CCP – Application to Partnerships (Partition Actions)

California Code of Civil Technique 872.730 is the California partition statute that explains partition as a remedy in partnerships:

To the extent that the court decides that the provisions of this title are a acceptable cure, these kinds of provisions may well be utilized in a proceeding for partnership accounting and dissolution, or in an action for partition of partnership assets, exactly where the legal rights of unsecured creditors of the partnership will not be prejudiced.

California Code of Civil Process 872.730

This segment is an exception to California Code of Civil Technique 872.710, which governs the appropriate to partition in co-possession scenarios in which the house is held in tenancy in partnership. If the assets is held in partnership, this code “codifies prior circumstance legislation to the influence that partition is an suitable cure the place the affairs of the partnership are usually sufficiently settled and what stays is the division or sale of the property.”

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