March 22, 2023

Tullio Corradini

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Code of Civil Procedure 872.550 CCP – Joinder of All Persons Unknown Claiming Any Interest (Partition Actions)

California Code of Civil Treatment 872.550 is the California partition statute that enables a plaintiff to join all get-togethers, which includes not known events, in a partition action. The statute provides that:

Wherever partition is sought as to all interests in the home, the plaintiff could be a part of as defendants “all folks unidentified declaring any curiosity in the house,” naming them in that method.

California Code of Civil Treatment 872.550

It can be challenging to name any and all events who may assert to have an desire in a residence, specially when the property has been passed down for generations, there is a very long and intricate title historical past, or there is clouded title. This statute permits plaintiffs to be a part of any not known human being who has an interest in the celebration with out demanding they be named independently. Thereafter, assistance by publication will be essential less than Code of Civil Technique § 872.320 and Code of Civil Treatment § 872.330.

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