February 26, 2024

Tullio Corradini

Trusted Legal Source

Closing down Clark County Politics (Past blog posts are still up. All of them)

(UPDATE:  I’ve been hearing from some that they are upset that the blog has closed down.  That merely means I have stopped posting to it.  To search the blog files itself, merely utilize the search window in the upper left.  The past posts are still there and will remain there.)

I’ve been doing this effort here for some 16 years or so, in the hopes
that the truth would matter and that it might make an impact.  If it
made such an impact, it wasn’t enough.

Views from 1.6 million
people around the world.  Views from Olympia, views from the House and Senate in D.C… and none of it mattered.

There’s really no point in bringing the reader the truth if they refuse to act on it.