April 23, 2024

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City Heights House Fire Analyzed by Singleton Schreiber

City Heights House Fire Analyzed by Singleton Schreiber

San Diego’s premier fire litigation law firm Singleton Schreiber is providing expert analysis into the fire that broke out in City Heights on Tuesday afternoon. For any legal questions on this or any other San Diego house fire, call Singleton Schreiber at 619-367-7768 or [email protected].

On Tuesday, March 28, a fire tore through a house in City Heights according to fire officials. The blaze was reported at roughly 2:30 PM on 45th Street just north of Orange Avenue.

City Heights House Fire Analyzed by Singleton Schreiber
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It’s not clear if the building was up to code, however according to the San Diego Fire-Rescue Chief Ty Shimoguchi, four or five people were inside the house. It is reported that a total of six people suffered smoke inhalation.

The fire had already torn through the kitchen and living room by the time first responders arrived, and it took 20 minutes or so to get the blaze under control. Two of the people who suffered smoke inhalation were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, others were treated at the scene. There is no current report on the cause of the fire.

This is the second fire in City Heights this month. The first occurred on March 6 on 36th Street at 2:00 AM. This pre-dawn fire in a different abandoned house caused $160,000 worth of damage according to authorities.

“Any house fire is a tragedy. Landlords have certain obligations to keep tenants safe. This fire is under investigation, but the home may not have been up to code. This fire should serve as a reminder to all landlords to make sure rentals are safe.”

Attorneys at Singleton Schreiber are looking to help residents of San Diego communities affected by the lack of regulations followed by landlords or vacant residencies.

House and structure fires are deadly in San Diego and nationwide. There are an average of 358,500 homes that catch fire every year according to the National Fire Prevention Association. These fires resulted in more than 2,500 deaths in the United States over the last five years due to house fires alone, with roughly $7 billion in property damage.

The three main causes of these fires are cooking mishaps, heating equipment issues and electrical malfunction. Landlords and city officials are both required by the City and County of San Diego to properly and regularly inspect properties for potential fire hazards. This includes examining electrical issues such as exposed wires.

Singleton Schreiber is a trial law firm with several offices throughout California. With a long track record of success, the firm has obtained more than $2 billion on behalf of clients. Currently, the firm has experience representing San Diego residents whose lives were ruined in similar situations, and their San Diego legal team is one of the best in the nation. To learn more, call Singleton Schreiber at 619-367-7768 or [email protected].