December 6, 2023

Tullio Corradini

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2 Political Junkies: Wendy Bell, Science Denier

2 Political Junkies: Wendy Bell, Science Denier


Yesterday, St Sen Mastriano was peddling anti-vaccine BS (typically Wendy Bell’s milieu) and now Wendy Bell is spreading climate science denial. What is actually the entire world coming to when you are not able to depend on your favored wingnuts to stay in their individual wingnutty lanes?

Take a appear:

Wendy is quoting from Steven Milloy, a properly acknowledged Local weather Science denier. So yea let’s fall a number of excellent information into this discussion.

This is the impression that Milloy is working with as proof:

If you glimpse up in the upper proper hand corner, you are going to see this:

So he is restricting his examination to the past 7-8 years or so. Purple flag right there. So easy to location, far too!

My guess is that he created this picture in this article – the place you can load in the starting and ending factors for the facts.

For illustration, if I were being to, say, go all the way again a century, this is what the graph would search like:


By restricting the data to the final handful of a long time, Milloy is committing what is actually known as a “lie by omission.” He’s not providing the total vary of points and so his audience will appear absent with an inaccurate image of the reality. And by retweeting it, Wendy’s taking part in the lie.

Um, Wendy? Do you seriously want to retweet some thing so obviously inaccurate in an endeavor to influence your audience that anything that’s not real is basically genuine?

Ha. I made a funny.

Of program she would. She’s Wendy frickin’ Bell, Angel of Death.